Tree Advisory Board

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Current Size: 80%

Board Description
The Public Tree Advisory Board oversees advisory responsibilities to the operations of the City with regard to the care of public trees and the annual work plan. Well-placed and managed public trees add value to the City by providing shade, improving air quality, minimizing storm water runoff, providing erosion control and contributing to aesthetic beauty. This board consists of nine members, four residents or business owners in the City, together with one representative from each of the following: Department of Parks and Recreation, Public Utilities, Community Development, Public Works and the Harrisonburg Electric Commission.

More information on Public Tree Planting, Pruning, or Removal.

Three years; two successive.


Meeting Date/Time/Location
The board meets as needed.


Board Members Term Expiration
Mrs. Roberta McCorkle 2nd 1-27-18
Mr. Michael Kulp 2nd 1-27-18
Mr. Jon Henry 1st 1-27-18
Mr. Henry Way 2nd 1-27-18

Questions or Comments?  Mail to City of Harrisonburg, Office of City Manager, Attn: (Board Member), 409 South Main Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.

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