2016 Paving Schedule

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Current Size: 80%

Paving streetsEvery spring the Public Works Department begins its annual paving of roadways throughout Harrisonburg.

This maintenance program resurfaces prioritized City streets based on the condition of the asphalt.

Crews mill and repave the streets. The milling operation consists of removing approximately 1 ? to two inches of old pavement and replacing it with new asphalt several days later.

While there are no anticipated street closures, there will be interruptions to the regular flow of traffic in the areas where milling and paving will be taking place. The area will be well-marked with signs to alert motorists.

Motorists are reminded to slow down and use caution when traveling around crews working along the roadway.


Below is a list that outlines the anticipated streets where paving will occur:

Evelyn Byrd Ave. University Blvd. to Reservoir St. 
Gay St. N. Liberty St. to Broad St.
Grace St. Railroad crossing to S. High St. 
M.L.K. Way S. High St. to Bridge 
M.L.K. Way Reservoir St. to E. Market St. 
Mosby Rd. S. Main to western city limits
N. Liberty St. Gay St. to Water St.
N. Main St. Washington St. to Charles St.
Reservoir St. E. Market St. to Hawkins St.
S. High St. Bruce St. to New York Ave.
S. Main St. Grattan St. to Franklin St.
S. Main St. Railroad crossing at Warsaw Ave. to Weaver Ave.
S. Main St. Truck Stop to southern city limits
City Hall South side of Turner Pavilion


*This schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions and unforeseen maintenance on equipment.